Beard Myths You Don’t Want To Know

This article got me thinking about all the crazy things I’ve heard about bearded guys and the perception of the masses. While they are still becoming more accepting to growing a beard in the work place as the trend continues to grow there are still some crazy ideas out there. Things like:

Are all myths but here is an interesting fact that I had no idea was true, common sense would say otherwise.

25 Ridiculous Beard Myths Debunked – Rugged Rebels myth, along with pretty much all the others listed here is also debunked.  Researchers have found that your beard hair can block anywhere from 50 – 95% of UV rays. The same study states that bearded faces consistently reduced the exposure ratio to approximately 1/3 of their hairless counterparts. It therefore is a better sunblock that that stuff you buy at the store and slather all over yourself. Also, it’s a way to create shade for your skin.  Much like it feels much cooler to be walking in the shade of a building in the blazing hot sun of the summer so too is the feeling your skin has underneath your beard. See more…

In conclusion don’t believe everything you hear, for more information on beards follow the link.

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